Hi, I'm Jesse! I'm an Actor, Writer, & Musician

As an actor I've studied Meisner, and love the way that it marries impulse with the discipline required to create a nuanced, fully lived in character. As a writer I'm constantly inspired by Edward Albee and the way he brings together wit, rhythmic dialog, and social commentary to create plays that stay with audiences. I also love anything written by Dan Harmon, Aaron Sorkin, or Christopher Nolan. As a musician, I've won over a dozen California State and Western U.S. Championships, and I've been able bring those skills into several shows and cabarets for regional theatres around the U.S.

While my main passion is theatre, I spend a lot of my free time pursuing a deeper education in political theory and public policy.

When I'm not acting, writing, or making music I can be caught working out, although you'll need to act quickly as I'm very fast.

If you want more information about my acting experience, check out my resumé, and if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me!

Jesse Winton